Dear Y'all - a retrospective release:

Eddie Hinton was never in the spotlight of stardom but an unsung hero, one of the backroom men who played or wrote the hits for many of the soul legends of the late 60s and 70s. He gained the respect of critics, producers and fellow artists without huge public acclaim. Check out the credits on a whole host of albums by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Solomon Burke, Wilson Pickett or The Staple Singers and you will find Eddie named checked somewhere. Atlantic Records producer Jerry Wexler said of him "Each year I had the feeling Eddie was about to break out " and fellow producer Jim Dickinson said he was "The definite swamp musician". Writing partner and producer Marlin Green remembers, "Eddie Hinton focused on the blues, but his musical vocabulary was much broader. I once accompanied him to overdub The London Symphony Strings in a London studio, where he led the players through sophisticated pop harmony parts that he had written himself. His quest was for maximum experience, from music and life. In both, he ranged from banquet to cracker box, always tasting and taking apart, trying to discover recipes that he could make his own".

'Very Extremely Dangerous', Eddie's first solo album was released in 1978 on Capricorn Records.The late 80's saw the release of 'Letters From Mississippi', Zane's first Hinton release. Two other albums 'Cry and Moan ', and 'Very Blue Highway' followed in the early/mid 90's and in 1999 the acclaimed posthumous album 'Hard Luck Guy' was released. (Eddie Hinton died July 28/1995 at the age of 51)

'Dear Y'all' presents the previously unreleased original song writing sessions of Eddie Hinton. Nineteen pure gems, some polished others rough cut, all delivered with a voice that has been described as the "epitome of unbounded emotion" . For the first time we hear Hinton's demos of songs that would be covered by others. 'Cover Me & It's All Wrong But It's Alright' (Percy Sledge), 'Just A Little Bit Salty' (Bobby Womack), 'Every Natural Thing' (Aretha Franklin) along with other originals that have just stayed in the vaults.

David Hood, bass player with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, remembers: " Eddie would often give a one-off performance that could not be repeated. At that time we were working with a hit record in mind, maybe re-doing a vocal track just to get it clean, but many of these original takes are classic Eddie Hinton...I remember him as one of the most talented and creative musicians with whom I have ever worked".

Build Your Own Fire - Big Fat Woman - Dangerous Highway - Cover Me - It's All Wrong But It's Alright - Every Natural Thing - We Got It (alt version) - I Still Wanna Be Your Man - I'm Coming After You - Brown Eyed Handsome Man - Dear Y'all - Get Off In It (alt version) - Super Lover - Hymn For Lonley - Hearts - Just Like Eating Candy - Happiness Is Just Around The Corner - Just A Little Bit Salty - I'm On The Right Road Now - Dreamer

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