Number by Heart: Charles Walker [CD]
ZNCD 1019
Much acclaimed ëold skoolí deep soul outing by veteran soul artist Charles Walker. Charles is clearly one of the most accomplished soul singers alive today. And this release proves just that !
Undeniable: Ellis Hooks [CD]
ZNCD 1018
Ellis Hooks soulful debut CD has the indelible stamp of a totally unique vocalist/songwriter the likes of which doesn't come around too often. Otis and Sam are his idols and he's proud of it...but most importantly he is himself 100% Ellis.
Southern Moon : Billy C. Farlow[CD]
ZNCD 1017
Lead singer,harp player and songwriter with Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen,
delivers a twisted brew of Blues and Southern Swamp on this gritty solo release.
Dear Y'all : Eddie Hinton [CD]
ZNCD 1016
This album presents for the very first time the early original song writing sessions of the late and seminal Eddie Hinton. Nineteen pure gems, some polished others rough cut, all delivered with a voice that has been described as the "epitome of unbounded emotion" .
Pizza Deliverance : DRIVE BY TRUCKERS[CD]
ZNCD 1015
The Drive By Truckers are on a mission Pizza Deliverance might just save you !
It Happened Like This : MR WILSON [CD]
ZNCD 1014
Headed up by Alabama born Jay Wilson the band blend the southern blues and boogie of their home state with the storming country sounds of the new west
ZNCD 1013

Blue-eyed soul'n'roots, swamp, country, r&b, rock ?
Ask Delaney, what to title his music and he will answer "Just call it spiritual" -Delaney Bramlett
Hard Luck Guy : EDDIE HINTON[CD]
ZNCD 1012

With Eddie it wasn't imitation; it was totally created, with a fire and fury that was as real as Otis Redding's and Wilson Pickett's" - Jerry Wexler
Ain't No Turning Back : MR WILSON[CD]
"Intriguing EP from the enigmatic MR WILSON"
- The Times
Front Porch Cajun Music : JACKIE CAILLIER[CD]
ZNCD 1011
"The best new Cajun release I've heard for a long time" Andy Kershaw- BBC Radio One
Roy Carrier At His Best : ROY CARRIER[CD]
ZNCD 1010

The very best of Louisiana Zydeco ace Roy Carrier. Louisiana dance floorfillers -14 tracks, dance guaranteed
The LANOR Record Story : Various Artists [CD]
ZNCD 1009
Retrospective of Louisiana producer Lee Lavergne and his Lanor Label 1960-1992. 28 page booklet historic photo's and fully researched story.
Cajun, swamp -pop., Swamp blues and Soul to Zydeco. Including Walk of Life by Charlesmann. Drifting Cloud by Drifting Charles, Chewing Gum by Donald Jacob, 21 Tracks in all
Rough N Tumble : A-LA-TEX [CD]
ZNCD 1008

"Garage country rock / blues & jazz.... growling gretsch... upright bass and a driving backbeat"
ZNCD 1007

"I ain't heard so much country from a 27 year old since the days of Hank Williams !" -Country Music News & Routes
In The Doghouse : JOE WALKER [CD]
ZNCD 1006
"His palpitating accordion traverses a clutch of dancefloor teemers" -Mojo
Very Blue Highway : EDDIE HINTON[CD]
ZNCD 1005

"R&B, Soul and Rock are skilfully blended together to form a mix so thick you'd have to shovel it!" -Time Out
Zydeco Fever : JOE WALKER [CD]
ZNCD 1004
"Real energy and commitment" -Folk Roots
Soulful Side of Zydeco: Roy Carrier - Joe Walker [CD]
ZNCD 1003

"This isn't hot, it's Literally boiling. Magnificent ! "
-Rock 'n' Reel
Louisiana Chanky-Chank : VARIOUS ARTISTS[LP]
ZN 1002
Louisiana Chanky-Chank: VARIOUS ARTISTS[CD]
ZNCD 1002

Cajun from the vaults of Lanor Records "Every track is a gem, I defy anybody to sit still to this disc"
- Blues & Rhythm
Letters from Mississippi : EDDIE HINTON [Vinyl LP]
ZNCD 1001

Eddie's has to be the Blackest blue eyed soul on tape !
"Undeservedly obscure" - Andy Kershaw BBC 1 FM