'The Spooks' band existed in Tuscaloosa around 1961, and according to member and fellow UA student John Curry was " A simple little group that played a few old John Hooker tunes,The Ventures, Buddy Holly and others. We went through several evolutionary changes as most bands do, but we really needed a vocalist."

'The Spooks' had got word that Eddie Hinton was pretty good, Eddie told 'The Spooks' they were all crazy, he didn't sing and they didn't need him. Somehow they persuaded Eddie that they didn't mind if he learned on the job, which the shy seventeen year old did, and eventually taking up guitar and harp to make 'The Spooks' one of the most sought after fraternity bands of the area. During the Spring of '65 Eddie informed the band that the 'The Old Dutch Inn' a club and college hang out on Panama City Beach wanted the Spooks to be the house band for the summer season. Some of the members had other commitments that summer and could not go, so Eddie went alone and joined the band the 5 Men-its, which
went through several line ups, but after one member left became 'The Minutes'. Members of the 'Minutes' included Johnny Sandlin - Drums, Mabron McKinny - Base and Paul Hornsby on keyboard.
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